about southwestern sales corporation

Southwestern Sales has provided high quality aggregates and efficient shipping services from quarries throughout the Great Lakes.  Our network of ships, barges, docks and trucks enables us to move a variety of bulk commodities in the most economical manner possible for our customers.

Full service operations are available at our docking facilities in West Windsor, East Windsor, Kingsville, Sarnia & Sombra.  The combined strength of our many docks coupled with our large volume purchasing power allows us to offer you the best price for your brokerage, retail and wholesale needs, on either full or split cargoes, of bulk waterborne freight.

If you have aggregate and shipping needs along the Great Lakes or down the St. Lawrence Seaway call us first.  You can count on our hallmark of experience, dedication and service.

* All of our facilities are following Strict COVID-19 Safety Protocols *

* Until further notice we are only serving corporate customers with active accounts *

* No credit card, debit card and walk-in sales are being accepted at any dock at this time *

 * Please call for more information. Thanks for helping us to stay safe and healthy *

Truck Fleet - West Windsor 2018
Loader Fleet - West Windsor - 2018
John G. Munson - West Windsor